How to Create a Private Oasis in Your Yard

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When it comes to decorating your living premises, so to speak, coming up with a great-looking arrangement for your backyard would be one of the most important parts of the entire project.

The thing is, your backyard is not just the thing you decorate for the sake of decorating it and then leaving it there, because this part of your house can be one of the most exciting and functional parts of it, as well.

For example, setting up an outdoor barbeque stand complete with seating arrangements, a couple of tables, as well as a mini drinks bar can help you throw unforgettable parties and barbeques you and your friends are going to remember forever.

Of course, the great thing about decorating your backyard is that there aren’t any limitations as to what sort of thing you can put in it. Whether it’s a giant dinosaur made out of a living fence or a mini football pitch complete with goals and nets where you and your kids can play when the weather is nice, creating your private oasis is a matter of personal taste, creativity, as well as some investment of money and effort.

In this article, we’re going to give you a couple of ideas when it comes to concocting your private oasis. While realizing your own unique and cheeky ideas is always advisable, this list can be useful to spur your imagination in case no ideas are coming up.

Here’s the deal.

Set up an Outdoor Umbrella

And not just any umbrella, of course.

What we’re talking about is one of those large patio umbrellas that can provide shade for an entire seating arrangement if set up well.

This will enable you to sit outside with your friends and family on a hot summer day without worrying about getting sunburnt or falling victim to the sun’s detrimental UV rays.

Also, the great thing about having this sort of stylish sunshade is that you can set up other interesting arrangements underneath it. A drinks bar, an outdoor kitchen, or some other setup can work wonders if it’s well shielded against the sun and the elements.

Alternative solutions such as getting a large alfresco roof or a gazebo instead of the umbrella can also do the trick quite well.

Install a Fire Pit

Although a fire pit is an installment that can be used throughout the day, its full potential, so to speak, is unleashed during the evening, when it becomes the center of attention.

You can throw parties where your friends can all sit around it and roast marshmallows, tell ghost stories, or simply sip some beer and listen to some music.

Create a Backyard Bar

Why go inside every time you want to fetch a cold beer when you can have it at your disposal only a couple of meters away when you’re in your backyard with your friends.

The thing about setting up a backyard bar is that organizing a party becomes much easier and it’s also quite useful for creating a good atmosphere when you just want to relax outdoors after a hard day of work.

Add Some Greenery

No matter how high-tech or metal and stone-oriented your backyard design solutions are, you can always benefit from adding some greenery into the mixture.

The thing is, different plants can add a special atmosphere of tranquility to your backyard, so if you want to make the atmosphere in this part of your household as relaxing and sedate as possible, adding some greenery into the mixture can be just the thing to do.

By the way, when we say ‘plants’, we mean everything from large deciduous and evergreen trees such as crepe myrtle or American holly, to shrubbery, and delicate flowers such as perennials.

Plants can enrich your environment not only because of their beautiful colors and patterns but also by ‘pumping’ oxygen into the area, thus making your backyard fresh at all times.

All in all, adding greenery to your backyard will inevitably enhance it no matter what other assets you have in it. That said, if you are willing to incorporate some interesting and functional assets into the backyard decorum outside the plants themselves, you can create quite a spot where you can kick back and relax with your friends and family after a hard day’s work.